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SF Sheriff – ‘If I’m Lyin I’m Dyin’?

559ba33a2938a.imageWhy is it that liberals, who always want to take away our inalienable right to bear arms, have no problem keeping around alienable aliens who have no right to be here?

That is essentially the policy of the City of San Francisco and this guy, its chief law enforcement officer…

SF Gate:

A new poll of San Francisco voters found that nearly two-thirds of the respondents think embattled Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi should be removed from office.

In the poll of 500 registered voters in San Francisco, those favoring Mirkarimi’s removal outnumbered those opposed by a margin of nearly 2 to 1. When asked, “Do you think Sheriff Mirkarimi should be removed from office, or not?” 61 percent said yes, 31 percent said no and 8 percent weren’t sure.

The poll, released Wednesday and conducted last weekend by Public Policy Polling out of North Carolina, was commissioned by a coalition of women who have been active in San Francisco for years in advocating for victims of domestic violence.

The poll’s findings were released before the Board of Supervisors‘ deliberations over whether Mirkarimi should be ousted for official misconduct. The board may vote as early as next month.

“We wanted to let those who are making the important decisions to know clearly that San Franciscans overwhelmingly want Ross Mirkarimi removed from office,” said one of the poll’s funders, JaMel Perkins, a philanthropist, Democratic Party donor and past president of the group Partners Ending Domestic Abuse. …

Yeah, but it’s a little hard to feel sorry for San Franciscans because Mirkarimi is just one of the ramifications of policies the city’s denizens have embraced and let stand while people like Francisco Santos are left to roam its streets.

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has never been a police officer. He went to the SF police academy, but never served a day in uniform. In fact, after attempting to deprive San Franciscans of the Right to Bear Arms, he was found to hypocritically own three guns himself.

Then his right to own a gun was temporarily taken away because of a domestic abuse charge of false imprisonment.

So we have a hypocritical felon (plea bargained down to a misdemeanor) law enforcement officer, who can’t be trusted with a gun; and who wants to disarm law-abiding Americans who can be trusted with guns, while releasing convicted felon illegal aliens onto the streets to steal guns and murder innocent citizens.

This may make sense to Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi or any of the other leftwing politicians who turned this beautiful city into a degenerate hellhole.

But most people would call it just plain crazy.


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