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And in Other News, Hillary…

hillary_clinton_email1UPDATED – The Republican Party has now officially gone from broken to beyond fragmented.

It even looks as though some in the leadership have decided that a future with Hillary Clinton is preferable to a Donald Trump nomination. (You know it’s bad when RINOs start saying nice things about Ted Cruz.)

Anyway, we’ve decided to refocus our attention on the matriarch of America’s first family of organized crime.


WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s secret strategy to beat @RealDonaldTrump involves endorsements from foreign leaders

First Hillary Clinton told a woman at the Dem town hall tonight that was hurt by Obamacare to “keep shopping.” Then she cackled at the thought of coal miners losing their jobs. And now this…

“I am already receiving messages from leaders — I’m having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop Donald Trump.”

Clinton actually believes that voters care what foreign leaders think about who is best to lead America and stop Donald Trump? She went on to name drop the Italian prime minister as someone who has already publicly endorsed her… [read it all]

Personally, I don’t see the big deal here. What’s newsworthy about asking the people who financed your $1 billion + campaign to trash your opponent?

Here’s some real Hillary news…

That’s our Hillary, making America the Second World nation Democrats always knew it could be.


Throat feeling a little scratchy? You should probably see a doctor…

So, this just happened at the Democratic town hall over on CNN. Hillary Clinton got a question from a woman who complained that her health care premiums have skyrocketed since the implementation of Obamacare…

Free Beacon:

“I know Obama told us that we’d be paying a little more. But doubling, over doubling, my health insurance cost has not been ‘a little more.’ It has been difficult to come up with that kind of payment every month. I would like to vote Democratic, but it’s cost me a lot of money, and I’m just wondering if Democrats really realize how difficult it’s been on working-class Americans to finance Obamacare?” O’Donnell asked.

Clinton and O’Donnell discussed by what means the insurance was purchased.

“So you were going to a broker and buying a health insurance policy? And in effect, it nearly tripled after you went onto the exchange and bought a policy under the Affordable Care Act? Is that right?” Clinton asked.

“We could not do that. It was much more expensive than just purchasing private insurance from an insurance company,” O’Donnell said.

“So you’re still buying the private insurance directly?” Clinton said.

“Yes,” O’Donnell said. …

… “And one thing that I would like you to do, and I’m not saying it’s going to make a difference, but I would like you to just go shopping on that exchange,” Clinton said.

Keep shopping?

Thank you GOP leadership.

While you guys are busy saving the world from Donald Trump, no one is bothering to notice that Hillary Rodham Clinton stands a very good chance of taking it over without firing a shot.


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