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Isn’t It Really All About Michelle Fields?

fieldsUPDATE – Never mind that there have been worse bruises from air kisses, does former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields need one more Trump hater to help her exaggerate her alleged assault by Corey Lewandowski last week?

I’m not suggesting that Lewandowski is innocent of any wrongdoing, but at worst he is guilty of unnecessary roughness on an overly pushy reporter.

Yet Katie Pavlich, Dana Loesch, Meghan McCain and several other pundits who owe much of  their celebrity to Fox News, have joined the network’s own unabashed self-hustler Megyn Kelly to make sure this non-story ends in the destruction of Lewandowski’s career.

And you know anti-Trumpers are desperate when they can’t find anyone better to carry their water than an attention seeker only five years out of Pepperdine with a history of accusing men of mistreatment.

In 2014, Fields accused Robert Kennedy Jr. of getting “handsy” (whatever than means) with her at a climate change rally.

But that was only after accusing a litany of men of attempting to destroy her otherwise unspectacular career.

It does make it easier to ignore when the men Fields accuses are or are perceived to be liberals, but the reporter has never let political affiliations stand in the way of placing herself at the center of attention.

In 2013, while working at PJ Media, Fields charged Lt. Col. Allen West of sexually assaulting her, but then when questioned went silent.

But way back before that, in 2011, Fields accused NYPD officers working an Occupy Wall Street rally of assault, only to back off when pressed.

In fairness to Fields, as far as we can tell the West sexual assault story has only been reported by a blogger who may not be credible, and whom Fields later went on to – wait for it – accuse of hacking her email.

Look, I have had serious problems with some of Donald Trump’s actions during this campaign; many of his personal insults on other candidates and his detractors have simply been uncalled for. And as has been oft pointed out, this was an unforced error on Lewandowski’s part.

But the anti-Trump right and their strange-bedfellow establishment cohorts should not be so quick to make Michelle Fields their poster girl. Even the notoriously closed-mouth Secret Service is reportedly weighing in to call her charges into question.

In fact, Corey Lewandowski should probably thank God that he wasn’t walking Donald Trump trough the tunnel at Sun Life Stadium when this alleged assault occurred.

UPDATE – Fields accused Marc Dice of harassment when she reported for TheDC!

UPDATE – After taking some heat for this post, I have decided some clarification is in order.

This is not a story about Corey Lewandowski’s behavior on the day in question. Whether or not he manhandled Fields or he could have handled the incident better afterwards is irrelevant, although it is clear that he could have been smarter. The court will decide that.

*The fact is Fields was out of bounds and should not have been where she was in proximity to a Secret Service protected presidential candidate.

The larger point, I believe, is Fields’ history of placing herself at the center of virtually every story she has covered during her short career. In addition, since this incident took place Fields has said she had been a Trump supporter. (Yes, she has already done an interview with Cosmopolitan.)

Let’s take a look at that. Michelle Fields is the girlfriend of The Daily Caller senior editor Jamie Weinstein, an ardent anti-Trump establishment Republican.

I am dubious, to say the least, that this woman, main squeeze of a senior editor on what can be pretty much called the anti-Trump site of record, ever supported Donald Trump.

This story appears to me to be more about naked ambition than it does naked aggression.

Now discuss this among yourselves.

I have some Ted Cruz supporters to piss off.

*I dare say that if this had been someone less recognizable, say, Regular Right Guy instead of a Breitbart reporter, Trump’s Secret Service contingent would have pressed my nose two inches into the concrete before I could scream “It’s only an iPhone!”.


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13 comments on “Isn’t It Really All About Michelle Fields?

  1. theebl
    March 31, 2016

    What created this mess was Fields complaining about some unnecessary roughness and Lewandowski calling her a liar. Did they not realize that might escalate things? As Glenn Reynolds noted, an apology could have solved this. Huma has done similar in the past and had been a general bitch to people around her and gotten away with it, but there is a different standard for a man doing this to a woman. With the blow up with Breitbart/Bannon and Shapiro/Fields, it escalated that much more.

    Rush was challenged on being a Trump supporter today. He was noticeably affected and made a bit angry by the call. Rush noted that he is fascinated how Trump gets support and how hard it is to peel that support away (just like he is fascinated by how Democrats do the same thing). Rush said his whole goal is defeating liberalism. But he is very concerned in how Trump managed to hand the media and the Democrats a huge stick to beat him and the GOP with by saying women who get abortions should be punished.

    This Lewandowski thing is, again, something that should not have been a big deal but has become an unforced error. Trump is showing loyalty to his staff (which is admirable) but staff should be smart enough to know when it is time to take one for the team. The criminal charge is way OTT, but this whole mess could have been avoided too.

    Trump already has an issue with women. He has doubled down on it repeatedly. It will cost him.

    • Regular Right Guy
      March 31, 2016

      Very, very well said, EBL, and while I don’t agree that it is “more” about Corey Lewandowski, I couldn’t agree with you more that it was avoidable on his part.

      • theebl
        March 31, 2016

        It was one of those situations that had he immediately apologized and she still went after him, it would be all about her. But he managed to flip it and make it about him (by calling her a liar). It is just crazy stupid. If there was drinking involved, okay, I can understand. But to do this sober?

      • Regular Right Guy
        April 1, 2016

        I do agree, but I also don’t think it is a major deal, except in regard to Fields’ mounting history with these kinds of allegations. Trump’s abortion comments take my top prize for the faux pas of the week. I believe the Fields’ complaint will be dismissed and it will be settled out of court afterwards, if at all.

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  3. thatmrgguy
    March 31, 2016

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

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  7. The MAD Jewess
    April 15, 2016

    Fields does this all the time. She did the same crap to Alan West, NYPD, Mark Dice. She is just a man hater.
    NOTHING happened to her

    • Regular Right Guy
      April 15, 2016

      Yes, she does. TY BIG time Mad Jewess!

      • The MAD Jewess
        April 16, 2016

        Watch out for your privates guys! This one is a KILLER!!

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