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Why is Cruz Turning Down Airtime?



Because I have chosen not to support a Republican primary candidate this year, I fail the 100% Fresh test from both the Cruz and Trump camps.

Frankly, only two other candidates held any appeal for me – Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson – two people I still admire very much but who were eliminated fairly early on. John Kasich is about as appealing as catching a childhood disease late in life.

So I have followed both Cruz and Trump closely … And as a result I have been unFriended, unFollowed, unShared, and, well, unLoved by people on both sides whenever I comment favorably or negatively about either of them.

While this does make me a little sad, I figure anyone who would Un-anything me for taking the time to make up my mind, or for questioning the positions of a candidate, is a moron.

To wit: What the hell is Ted Cruz doing?

The Blaze via Drudge:

Fox News host Sean Hannity said on Thursday night that he had been unable to book an hour-special with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on his program for the last 10 days.

 The conservative personality made the announcement amid accusations from Twitter followers that he was only giving airtime to billionaire Donald Trump.

Hannity said he has been trying to give the Texas senator a full hour on his cable-news show, but was told by his campaign “they could not make it work.”

A spokesperson for the Cruz campaign did note that the senator was on Hannity’s program Monday. That interview lasted about 12 minutes.

However, before that interview aired, Cruz raid response director Brian Phillips suggested it might have been the candidate’s last appearance on the show …

… Cruz has suggested in the last few months that the media is, in part, responsible for the rise of Trump. He has cited a statistic from MediaQuant which found that Trump has received nearly $2 billion in free media this election cycle… [read it all here]

The Blaze goes on to point out that CNN’s Anderson Cooper responded to Cruz much the same way when the candidate complained about Trump’s extensive media coverage.

What I have to say about that is, when any campaign staffer turns down airtime – any airtime at all, without a darn good reason – that staffer should be fired.

I have heard in the past that the Cruz campaign has turned down invitations from the O’Reilly Factor, and if it is true that his handlers have been routinely rejecting appearances on any news outlet – regardless of what the producers want to discuss – that is plain fence-post stupid.

And if Ted himself is convinced that this is a smart campaign strategy, then he deserves to lose.

If Republicans have learned anything from Donald Trump it should be this: There is no such thing as bad free television.

I don’t care if all the networks want to talk about is Trump’s YUGE hair; it is up to Ted Cruz to go in, cease the moment and turn the conversation to his own policies and ideas.

Because there is no bad TV.

Unless of course you are Hillary Clinton, in which case … you are Hillary Clinton.

HT/ Washington Free Beacon [Video]


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3 comments on “Why is Cruz Turning Down Airtime?

  1. theebl
    April 2, 2016

    Is that true? I find that incredulous that Cruz would be such an idiot (although as you note, what Trump did this week sort of takes the cake). I know Sean Hannity catches a lot of crap about basically turning his show over to Trump, but Hannity would be fine for Cruz (hardly the same as going on Chris Matthews).

  2. theebl
    April 2, 2016

    I do not criticize anyone supporting Trump. They are entitled to support whoever they think best. I disagree, but that is okay. I know Ted Cruz has his problems too (he has to be more of a happy warrior).

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