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Charlie Sheen, HIV Infected Stalker?

Charlie Sheen Hosts Chateau Nightclub & GardensFirst the meltdown that eventually saw him fired from his role in Two and a Half Men. At the time he was the highest paid television actor in the world.

Then the descent into the abyss.

It wasn’t the first time Charlie Sheen had made headlines for his outrageous life choices, but this time the rumors were ominous.

Charlie had achieved full self-destruct.

HIV (reportedly contracted from a transsexual lover in 2011) put the actor back on the front pages, not only of the tabloids, but of every media outlet in the world.

A contrite Charlie emerged in an interview with Today’s Matt Lauer but the contrition seemed to have faded to black with the end of the segment.

Now Sheen is being accused of stalking a former girlfriend and making death threats to a National Enquirer editor.

Dylan Howard’s story in Hollywood Reporter this morning is riveting but not surprising as he tells of his years-long relationship with the degenerate star.

Warning: I’ve edited the language but it is still raw.

I picked up on the third ring, and he launched straight into it. “You want to f—ing go down this road, you f—ing d—che bag?”

The voice was hoarse, cracking with fury — but I recognized it immediately. Charlie Sheen: the man with whom I had enjoyed a working relationship for more than three years, since before his dismissal from Two and a Half Men — and subsequent meltdown — had made him the hottest source of copy in my career.

What had happened? Last time we had spoken, things had been amicable. Now, barely drawing breath, he ranted on: “You motherf—er. You want to f—ing, like, sit over there and f—ing insult my f—ing gal like this? F—ing whore. Come to my f—ing house today. … Come to my f—ing house today, you fucking pig.”

“In the months since publication, I’ve had to employ personal security,” editor Howard continues. “Many times, I’ve been told that Charlie doesn’t make idle threats; and if ever a man had motive and means, it’s him.”

Howard not only details Sheen’s personal threats on him, but on how he allegedly puts the hex on anyone and everyone who dares cross him.

… “This piece of sh—t needs to be f—ing buried … you get it,” Sheen told [an] ex-lover after [Scottine] Ross sued him for assault and battery and HIV exposure. “It’s called treason. You know what treason is? It’s punishable by death.” [read it here]

You could almost slap a title on the story and sell the treatment to a Hollywood studio.


Based on a True Story


Charlie Sheen


A Cast of Thousands

Executive Producer

Martin Sheen

The script writes itself.

I can almost see the ending now.

HT/ Drudge


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