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Paul Ryan – The Un-Candidate

paul-ryan-1UPDATE – Right now political analyst Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball has a Hillary-Trump electoral match-up at 347 to 191 for the Democrats.

Of course, Professor Sabato’s electoral map isn’t worth the cost of the electricity it would take to shred it this early in the game, but you have to believe the GOP establishment elite are delighted with it.


Paul Ryan, a Mirage Candidate, Wages a Parallel Campaign

WASHINGTON — As the Republican candidates for the White House battled in Wisconsin last week, Speaker Paul D. Ryan was conspicuously absent from his home state — but he was very much on the political stage.

He visited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, where he also met with local reporters and made several statements affirming the United States’ commitment there, before heading to other Middle Eastern nations and Germany to discuss security and intelligence issues.

Back in Washington, his staff churned out its latest flattering video of Mr. Ryan, deploring identity politics and promoting a battle of ideas — set to campaign-style music. And his office continued to beat back the not-exactly-library-voice whisper campaign favoring a coup at the Republican convention in July that would elevate Mr. Ryan to the top of the ticket. …

Mr. Ryan’s parallel track is intended largely to counter Mr. Trump, who stands apart from him and many of the party’s policy traditions. [video etc. etc. etc.]

So, if you were wondering just how stupid they think we are, there it is.

Of course Ryan is insisting we are imagining things and has already done the full Sherman, and we all know that when Paul Ryan says he doesn’t want the job, he damn well means he doesn’t want the job.

Full Caf Americano

The other side is running a serial felon and a commie, and there was no way the GOP could have lost the 2016 general election without forfeiting.

Which they might as well do, if they attempt this or anything else that looks even remotely like it.

Isn’t it about time we demand that Congress do away with the electoral college? I mean, if we can’t just tar and feather them and ride them out of town on a rail?

Wait. Stupid me. Paul Ryan is Speaker.

I have to go stick pins in my Karl Rove doll now.

File Under: RINO-Plasty

Hat Tip / Drudge


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