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KA-THUNK! Megyn Kelly-Trump Ratings Bomb


Editor’s Note: The RG began this post middle of last week when the ratings were released, but was sidetracked by personal business. Still, I think the news is significant since Fox is apparently going all-in to sabotage the Trump candidacy with hit pieces thinly veiled as “specials” and pundit naysayers on the hour.

So here goes…

NCIS buried Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Presents last night, in the faux Fox journalist’s first, much-touted, special on “Big Fox,” leaving Kelly with a paltry 4.7 million .08 share to NCIS’s 17.6 million viewers and 2.5 rating.

NBC’s The Voice took second with 8.9 million viewers and a 1.8 rating.

Frankly, Trump could have gotten better mileage by going on CNN and calling the self-absorbed anchor “Bimbo Megyn” and taking another shot at her egotistic GQ outing.

Told ya so, Donald.


Greeting her viewers from what appeared to be the bridge of a spaceship made of nutrition-free marshmallow, Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly made an awkward and unimpressive landing with her first hour-long interview special Tuesday night on the Fox network. “Let’s just dive right in,” she said, and then proceeded to never dive into much of anything, even during her ultra-hyped interview with Donald Trump, the presumed Republican presidential nominee.

Neither groundbreaking nor especially informative, “Megyn Kelly Presents” hoped to fill the void left behind by decades of similar newsmaker-interview shows from ABC’s Barbara Walters. Perhaps someday it might, but to get there, Kelly is going to have to learn about listening, and, wherever possible, resist the urge to bring attention to herself. But I don’t think that’s really her thing. [read the whole thang]

What? I didn’t say anything!

But are we surprised that a Megyn Kelly special would be first and foremost about Megyn Kelly?

Did you know Megyn was on the cover of Vanity Fair?


But just in case you hadn’t heard, she managed to wedge that into every pre-show interview she did on the network’s daytime programming before the special aired. I’ve been on the covers of many magazines…

The point being, all of the “Big Fox” ballyhoo wasn’t about a Trump scoop, at all. It wasn’t about a truce or a burying of the hatchet or the ending of the Kelly-manufactured Trump-Kelly Feud.

Like everything else Megyn Kelly, Megyn in prime-time had very little to do with anything other than Megyn in prime-time.

And it now has the distinction of being the only time in 10 months that Donald Trump has suffered a ratings bomb. Frankly, I’m pleasantly amazed that so many people actually got it. Not to worry for Trump, he was back on top by the next 24-hour news cycle.

Kelly? She took the rest of the week off of her nightly show, The Kelly-phile, er, File.

As for Fox News, post-special coverage? Well, the word courageous was used a lot.

Full Caf Americana

Self-absorbed isn’t new in television news anchorage: Brian Williams lied his @$$ off for 15 years before someone decided to pull the pin and jettison him to netherworld of all-cable fail.

Dan Rather actually walked off camera sending the network news to black for six minutes in 1987, in an arrogant power flit. (This was all long before CBS canned him for trying to fix a presidential election.)

But I don’t think I have seen a more self-possessed anchor than Kelly in my lifetime, at least not one given as much leash to run rampant as she has at Fox News.

The GQ spread alone should have been enough to send her walking, and, no, not only because those legs should be carrying messages to the Front.

But because once upon a time being a disseminator of news meant something. Something more than being a semi-pretty blonde quick with the quip and personal asides.

And in the end, with Megyn Kelly Presents she didn’t really even succeed at that.

HT Drudge, Hollywood Reporter


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