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Megyn Kelly Turns on Ailes?

Megyn-Kelly-GQIt is yet to be determined whether or not self-promoting Fox anchor Megyn Kelly turns on network chief Roger Ailes, but it certainly appears that she has turned on him.

Kelly, the anchor of Fox’s The Kelly File, or, as I refer to it, “Megyn Kelly’s Audition for ABC World News Tonight,” is reportedly going back on her loyalty pledge to Ailes.


One of the people who participated in the investigation was the network’s most popular female star, Ms. Kelly. She told investigators that Mr. Ailes had made advances toward her multiple times in the past, according to two people briefed on the matter. (Ms. Kelly’s accusations were first reported by New York magazine.) …


[Kelly’s] revelations to investigators contrast with comments she made earlier about the Fox News chairman. In an interview two months ago, before a prime-time special that Mr. Ailes orchestrated, she said she “loved working for Roger Ailes.”

“The number of times he’s had my back, given me opportunities, stuck his own neck out there to protect me, I feel very grateful to him,” she said. “And I feel loyal to him.”

Feel the loyalty, Roger?

Look, I don’t know whether Ailes has harassed women at Fox or not, and if he has he should not be given a pass. But neither can I imagine a clause in Kelly’s contract forcing her to effusively praise the man, when in reality she thought of him as a perv.

Mickey Spillane didn’t create blonde bimbos this treacherous.

In a statement, [Susan] Estrich, Mr. Ailes’s lawyer, said: “Roger Ailes has never sexually harassed Megyn Kelly. In fact, he has spent much of the last decade promoting and helping her to achieve the stardom she earned, for which she has repeatedly and publicly thanked him.”

The allegations, and the liberal media feeding frenzy they’ve spawned, stem from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former Fox daytime host Gretchen Carlson.

Fox News has officially denied the claim that Ailes is being terminated.



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