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Why Did Trump Endorse Paul Ryan?

donald-trump-a-1024I mean really.

Now, read it all before you throw me out.

But really.

In a week when the Trump campaign should have been shredding Hillary Clinton’s commanding jump in the polls, the candidate comes out to endorse Paul Ryan, a man who has only limpidly endorsed him, while also throwing his support behind two hard-line establishment nemeses who can’t stand being in the same room with him.

Yet my man Donald does this?

The argument for party unity is darn near inane at this point; the Donald couldn’t have more effectively blown up that corrupt bag of nuts and bolts with a truck bomb.

And the Reagan line worked for Reagan; it will not work for Trump.

Donald, you don’t have any “80% friends” in GOP leadership, they all hate you.

But that aside:

None of these people deserve Donald Trump’s support. John McCain didn’t even show up at the convention, and Ryan could have phoned in a more supportive performance.

Yes, yes, John, we know you really are a war hero, but what have you done for us in the last 40 years?

Kelly Ayotte, who is trailing abysmally in most polls in N.H., is now on record as saying she will not support Trump, because Islamophobe, or something.

Perhaps most importantly, Trump’s gift – and that’s what it is – to these RINO nimrods goes against some of his best support in the base.

Ann Coulter has been vocal about the selection of Mike Pence as Trump’s veep running mate, and she is campaigning with Ryan’s opponent in Wisconsin.

At best Donald Trump should have ignored these arrogant twits, and in a perfect world he would support their primary opponents.

Yet now, when Trump should be leading a weak, unparalleled liar with a criminal record Bonnie and Clyde would envy, he instead has gone deliriously off message.

Unlike many of my former friends (I have been unFollowed and unFriended like the village smallpox carrier), who either leaned toward or outright supported Ted Cruz, I want Trump to win.

Unorthodox, and at times downright obnoxious, though he may be, Trump’s ability to drive institutional Washington apoplectic appeals to me a great deal.

Get on point, Donald.

Fire your advisors.

Go with your gut.

And, in the words of Paul McCartney, get back to where you once belonged.



One comment on “Why Did Trump Endorse Paul Ryan?

  1. I found it quite annoying but feel he was forced into it by those around him in hopes of reversing the bad press being put out there by his republican opponents. John McCain is a long story, too long to go into now. Suffice to say I have about as much respect for his “war hero” status as I do for John Kerry’s purple heart for a wound that a bandage handled. I still don’t know what happened to my first husband who was reported MIA while these two were consorting with the Vietnamese. So I will leave it at that.

    However. I don’t believe DT is crashing and burning either. His crowds say otherwise, as do all online polls take with far more than 400 people indicating that he is still way ahead. It is the media trying to push him over the cliff, and there is no one in the media that can provide the truth or know it if someone hit them in the face with it.

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