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Dump McCain, Arizona

john-mccain-here-are-11-things-obama-should-do-about-ukraine-right-nowI’m tempted to say you couldn’t possibly do any worse, but of course that is never a reason to vote for a candidate.

John Hawkins at Right Wing News just endorsed Kelli Ward in the AZ Primary against Vietnam War hero and Keating Five unindicted co-conspirator John McCain.

More on Hawkins later, but he got this one right.

Until today Kelli Ward’s campaign tweets were about as much as I knew of her record; I’m better informed now after an epic Internet cram session.

But Ward could be as duplicitous as some of the tea party sellouts who have won in the past only to betray their commitments, and I would still vote for her over McCain.

I’m confident she will not be.

Dumping McCain for Ward should be a good trade-off for any Arizonan who cares about ending the illegal alien drop zone the state has become under McCain’s tenure.

And to be fair, my interest in seeing John McCain defeated is the same as it has been since he won over J. D. Hayworth, a man I found only slightly less distasteful, in 2010.

McCain is neither Republican nor Democrat; he is simply a Washington insider.

It’s his identity.

We can call him an institutional liberal, and that would certainly be a hard jacket for the senator to shake, but I prefer to think of him as a self-absorbed egotist devoid of moral character.

If McCain votes conservatively on anything it will be because he’s checked the polls and found a liberal vote may hurt him back home.

And he has even failed to effectively pull off that charade.

John McCain the senator has been the antithesis of McCain the hero who came hobbling off that plane in 1975. He is everything I find repugnant in the permanent political class.

John Hawkins Make a Better Case:

I’m a big believer in the Buckley rule. In a primary you go for the most conservative candidate that can be elected. In the John McCain vs. Kelli Ward race, that’s clearly Kelli Ward.

It goes without saying that John McCain has deeply disappointed conservatives during his time in the Senate. He’s one of the biggest advocates of illegal immigration in the Senate; he frequently undermines conservatives and he’s been little more than an ineffective rubber stamp for most of Barack Obama’s agenda.

If your goal is to convince establishment Republicans that they have to change, there is nothing you could do that would be more effective than voting John McCain out of office.

Of course, you can’t beat something with nothing. You need a grassroots conservative who can beat McCain and who has the ability to carry the state.

Kelli Ward fits that bill. [read it all here]

The national media has gone as out of control as a Miley Cyrus twerking frenzy this week, in labeling Donald Trump mentally unstable. Okay, no doubt Trump has given them plenty of help.

Even Mr. Hawkins is a #NeverTrump dummy, so one has to question his loyalty to conservatism. After all, he’s the one who cites the Buckley rule.

But Trump’s worst infractions do not excuse either Hawkins or McCain and his party elitist cohorts in putting the boot to their nominee.

Our fight is against the ongoing Clinton criminal enterprise, and John McCain and Hawkins both know that a non-vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary.

And they don’t care.

So I certainly don’t give Hawkins a pass just because he made the right choice with Kelli Ward.

He should be ashamed of himself.

Dump John McCain, Arizona.

Elect Dr. Kelli Ward.

You can thank me later.



4 comments on “Dump McCain, Arizona

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  2. drginareghetti
    August 9, 2016

    Reblogged this on drginareghetti.

  3. Cedar
    August 17, 2016

    McCain has been and always will be totally useless. Arizonanians wake up! Elect someone who will actually do something real for you.

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