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Beloved Infidel? Huma’s Extremist Ties


UPDATED: Magazine Tied to al Qaeda!

Is it possible the Islamic jihad has put a new twist on undercover work?

In her two decades of service to Hillary Clinton, Muslim Huma Abedin has been linked to the Clinton scandal machine in ways one rarely sees among handlers, “body men,” and other staffers of high profile politicians. This not including her Twitter perv husband Anthony Weiner’s own escapades.

Abedin is now at the center of Clinton’s pay-for-play scandal after it was revealed last year that she was employed by the U.S. State Dept, a private consulting firm and the Clinton Foundation at the same time.

Even before that, and on a much more personal level, Harper’s magazine and the New York Times postulated that a possible romantic link existed between Hillary Clinton and Abedin.


And as we’ve said in the past, we don’t know and ain’t likely to get close enough to find out, albeit Bill is not the only Clinton said to have a wandering eye.

But now comes word that Huma worked for more than a decade as an assistant editor of an al Qaeda financed Arab magazine headed by her radical Sunni mother.

Washington Examiner:

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aide, faced questions over the weekend about her editorial role at a Saudi publication that has printed stories containing radical Islamic views.

Following a report that noted Abedin’s 12-year tenure at the Journal of Minority Muslim Affairs, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign said he believed Abedin’s name was simply listed on the masthead.

“She did not play a role in editing at the publication,” Nick Merrill, the campaign spokesman, told the New York Post.

Abedin’s mother and brother are also listed as staff members at the radical publication. [read it all]

Okay, let’s say Huma has gone infidel and rejected her family’s radical homophobic, misogynistic, head-lobbing fundamentalist beliefs.

Let’s just say.

But as recently as 1997 while working as a White House intern for Hillary, Abedin had membership in several radical Islamist student groups and was still active with the Journal.

So how does this woman ever obtain a security clearance that gives her access to our nation’s most highly classified secrets?

That is, assuming there is an FBI that is actually doing its job.

And this is still not Huma Abedin…


But Allahu Akbar, baby.


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