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Fox Prime: End of an Era

Alfred HitchcockWith Greta Van Susteren‘s departure from Fox News this week the greatest prime-time lineup in cable news history is no more.

The breakdown began, one has to think, when Fox programmers jimmied up-and-comer Megyn Kelly into the already perfect investigative/opinion lineup of Van Susteren, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

It collapsed September 6, 2016, when Van Susteren exercised her “key man” option and followed the scandalized Roger Ailes out the door.

Roger, you’ll remember, was forced to resign for allegedly suggesting Gretchen Carlson go @#$% herself — or him, whichever story you choose to believe, and telling Andrea Tantaros to push back from the table.

I can’t speak to either case, except to say telling an already Rubenesque Greek American gal who makes her living on camera to resist that second Baklava, might be sage advice. (I cite Candy Crowley as an example of one anchor who would have benefited from Ailes’ guidance earlier in her career.)

What? Carlson and Tantaros didn’t realize that leg cam was there?

Enough said about that.

Anyway, there will never be another news lineup like it. Compare it to greats of bygone eras, like Huntley-Brinkley, Golden Era Wallace60 Minutes and The MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour.

It was that good; just great TV.

So why did Greta walk?

Well, anything we say will be speculation, but I’m just enough of an armchair pundit to give it a shot.

“It hasn’t felt like home in a few years now,” Van Susteren told her FaceBook fans.


Fox News hasn’t felt like home to a lot of us for a while, either.

Funny, but I don’t recall anyone in my small circle of news junky buddies saying, Wow! That there Fox prime-time gang is pretty good, but what it really needs is a leggy self-absorbed blonde with a lot of liberal agenda-driven banter.

Want to know what I think?

Well, here it is anyway.

I think Fox News under the Murdock brothers is about to do the unimaginable. They are about to create a new prime time, centered around, you guessed it, Megyn Kelly.

Short of Kelly moving to one of the networks I believe it is all but inevitable.

It hasn’t felt like home in a few years now.

I say this because it is exactly the kind of thing liberals always do to “fix” what is not broken: ref. ObamaCare, Immigration reform, green energy

In this scenario Hannity’s gone, right?

O’Reilly probably won’t stay, but who knows what Bill O’Reilly will do? Bill’s an industry all his own; he’ll be fine and his fans will always be able to find him.

You and I, though?

You and I will go to C-SPAN and listen to more Rush and Mark Levin; we’ll get most of our news and commentary from the Internet and all but forget Fox News ever existed.

We’ll surf over to Fox Business to check out the great Lou Dobbs and maybe Neil Cavuto, several others. But we will, for all intents and purposes, be finished with Fox.

But here is my hope.

Not a prediction, just a wish that is within the realm of possibility.

I hope Roger Ailes goes to the Internet and starts up RogerTV. I hope he brings Greta and Sean and Bill with him, and opens in the morning with Martha MacCallum.

The money might not be good enough for Neil Cavuto to desert his senior VP gig at Fox News/Fox Business, but he can drop in for a visit from time to time.

I’m holding my hands up and doing one of those things movie directors do when they’re trying to set up a shot.

I’m liking it.


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3 comments on “Fox Prime: End of an Era

  1. fredd
    September 9, 2016

    I have no problem with Greta hitting the bricks. Two main things about her that irked me:

    1. When Natalie Holloway disappeared in Aruba, this was all Greta covered all the time. I believe she went down there for around a month, and it was all Natalie all the time. I really tired of her obsession with poor Natalie.

    2. At the end of every ‘On the Record’ showing, Greta would virtually beg everyone to follow her on twitter, facebook,, please please please follow me, please please please…..I really tired of her obsession with herself.

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