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David Brock Paying for Trump ‘Dirt’

david-brockMedia Matters bottom feeder David Brock wants all the dirt he can get on Donald Trump, and he is willing to pay for it.

Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton ally David Brock is offering to pay for new information on Donald Trump, hoping that damaging audio or video on the Republican presidential candidate will be submitted to his super PAC.

Brock, founder of the left-wing Media Matters and operator of Correct the Record super PAC, recently posted the plea on Correct the Record’s website and is referring to the project as “TrumpLeaks,” NBC News reported.

Brock asked for video or audio of Trump that has yet to be released.

“One of the most important things for voters to evaluate in any election is the full measure of a candidate’s views, ideas, and temperament over time,” the website states. “…There are few things more important in that regard than access to video or audio in the form of prior television or radio interviews or more candid video from events a candidate may have attended.”

Brock’s super PAC goes on to say they can offer compensation to anyone who has new video or audio that has been obtained legally…

NBC News noted that the project is “highly unusual” and seems to “cross a new line” in modern day politics. [read]

Why do I not believe this is the first time David Brock has offered money for something dirty and unusual?

Meantime there is wide speculation that Hillary was almost too sick, medicated or drunk to give an articulate response about the Tri-State area bombings last night.

Whoa! Maybe Hillary’s dirt-mongering lavender weapon should get busy with the digging.

If you’re a Clinton staffer, it may be time to worry about when the bodies start turning up.

HT/Before It’s News [Image]


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2 comments on “David Brock Paying for Trump ‘Dirt’

  1. thatmrgguy
    September 18, 2016

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog and commented:
    I just don’t know if I would trust a guy who wears a toupee that looks like a colonial era wig hair piece. Just sayin’.

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