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Glenn Beck Still Thinks We’re Nazis

glenn-beckIn spite of the fact that he looks more like the brilliant Orson Welles everyday, what did I ever see in this couch potato?

Gateway Pundit:

Good Lord.

Somebody better intervene here before this offensive clown loses everything…

Glenn Beck went on with far left crank Chuck Todd on Sunday to trash Donald Trump supporters on Meet the Press.

Once again, Glenn Beck compared Trump supporters to Nazis.

It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing this guy opening for Hillary Clinton.

Note: The RG pulled the video off YouTube for you:

Glenn Beck: I warned about this. You know, when they were mocking me for bringing up Nazis the reason why I did many of the times was to warn about the rise of uber-right in Europe that would lead into America and it’s happening.”

Because wanting a border wall is acting just like the Nazis. [read the whole thing]

Then, speaking of boorish fat guys, Beck goes on to say that his feelings (1:50) are in line with that far-Left amphibious mammal*, Michael Moore.

Which pretty much says it all.

I’ve phoned the doctor, Mrs. Beck. She‘s recommending prolonged in-patient care with lotsa bed-rest and a Prozac drip.

How in the world did conservatives let this @$$clown slip in to the fold?

Mr. Beck, here is the only reason any sane American needs to show up for Donald J. Trump on Election Day, with bells on.

Sieg Heil!

*I shamelessly stole that line from Jim Treacher.


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One comment on “Glenn Beck Still Thinks We’re Nazis

  1. Jose Vega
    October 6, 2016

    Glenn, we think you are still a drunk. Your business(es) are circling the drain, your mastermind is suing you, and your audience has been reduced to old pervs listening in their 1973 LTDs outside of the middle school.

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