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My Favorite Trump Ads

donald_trump_us_flag_poster-r191ac5379a4e46cdb19a6d3fe93e3ec3_wvu_8byvr_512I have absolutely no idea who Truth Seeker is or whether or not this is an authorized Trump campaign ad, but it should be.

Seen that one?

Okay, here is one of the cleverest if not funniest!

Please share, re-Tweet and re-blog them as you see fit…

Don’t forget to vote this week, friends.

Oh, and lie to the exit pollsters.

You’re gonna love the puky look on Andrea Mitchell’s face…


The Other McCain

Bad Habits: Cocaine and Feminism

In The Mailbox: 11.04.16

Thanks to @laurenstrapa, Canadians Are Now Dwindling Toward Extinction

‘Ima Kill Them Watch’: Woman Sent Video as She Killed Her Son, Police Say

If Hillary Loses Ohio …


Ed Driscoll

OUR LONG NATIONAL NIGHTMARE MAY JUST BE BEGINNING: Dems’ war on the FBI is a preview of a Hillary presidency.

AND THE BEARDS HAVE ALL GROWN LONGER OVERNIGHT: Three Ways The Hillary Campaign Became The Trump Campaign.


Glenn Reynolds

GEORGE WILL: Clinton, the ultimate author of her current agony, resembles no one so much as Nixon in her paranoia and joyless pursuit of joy.

It’s a culture of corruption, and the media are complicit, and corrupted. (Question, Mr. Will: So you’re helping put her in the White House why?)

JOURNALISM: No, Bret Baier’s multi-part scoop on the FBI’s Clinton probes hasn’t been “debunked.”

THE HILL: “Donald Trump is closing his campaign strongly, staying on message and keeping his impulses in check as he rides cresting momentum into Election Day.”

Gateway Pundit

OBAMA LOSES IT IN FAYETTEVILLE! Goes Off On Audience: “Listen Up – Sit Down – I’m Speaking – Be Quiet!” (VIDEO)

STUNNING! Hillary’s Friday Speech Seen By Only 126 Live Viewers – While Trump’s Garners Over 15,000

DONALD TRUMP Delivers GOP Weekly Address: Promises to End Corruption and Corrupt Figures Like Hillary

BOMBSHELL: Hacked Hillary Emails Reveal She Knowingly Delayed Benghazi Rescue


FRIDAY NIGHT NEWS DUMP: Qatar DID donate $1 million for Bill’s birthday; Hillary DIDN’T tell State Dept.

DEVASTATING Obamacare effect: Sharyl Attkisson posts photo of whopping premium increase letter

‘Racist much?’ Donna Brazile shares message with black people (it does NOT go well)

Shark Tank

Marco Rubio: “We can’t have someone elected president and then indicted” (So now he says?)

4 comments on “My Favorite Trump Ads

  1. BigLeague NO (@ljcambria)
    November 5, 2016

    If the Facebook map out of WikiLeaks is accurate, Trump is leading by a landslide 80%+ but the media have already called it for the Spirit Cooker Witch who sold out America, Destroyed National Security, raped poor and devastated countries and successfully incriminated the entire U.S. Government. Pray. And Vote for Trump/Pence. We have our new red shirts ready to go.

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