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Yes, it’s Monday, and James Comey is Still Alive

Whew! That was close.

Yes, it’s Monday, and James Comey is still alive.

So there will apparently be no Arkancide in FBI Director James Comey’s future, at least not imminently.

(Oh, Google it.)

Under Director Comey’s leadership the FBI took 12 months to review 60,000 available emails on Hillary Clinton’s illegal homebrew server. (Just call him Lightning.)

Then the director infamously “closed” the investigation with the most absurd statement made by a law enforcement official in history.

That was a little like calling the 9-11 attacks a Muslim mass suicide.

And now the ever-resourceful Director Comey wants us to believe FBI reviewed more than 1/2 million additional emails found on Anthony Weiner’s personal dong arcade, in less than nine days.

Brother, now we can really call him Lightning!

Yes, General, they and their left wing media acolytes do expect us to believe it.

Full Caf Americano (with a Shot)

Of course we knew Hillary Clinton would escape prosecution and will continue to do so until the Final Judgment, if the polls are correct and she wins the White House tomorrow night.

But forget whether the Feds can review 650,000 emails in eight or nine days. If even one official State Department document turned up that was not previously known to exist, it is a moot point.

Clinton and her staff were responsible to account for every official document on the secretary’s server and not doing so, in and of itself, is a violation of the Federal Records Act.

Forget, as well, that after Hillary Clinton’s previous repeated lies we can almost certainly assume classified documents were in the Weiner cache.

Yesterday I said we are witnessing a bloodless coup.

I stand by that statement today.

We know that Clinton and her posse have had inside assistance from the beginning from media, the administration and President Obama himself.

Hillary Clinton will very likely win the election tomorrow. I don’t want to believe that, and I pray that I am wrong, but in light of all that has transpired, and with a U.S. president literally encouraging illegals to vote, it is unlikely that an honest election is possible.

So, if my pessimism proves sage we will for the first time in U.S. history, have elected a known criminal to our highest office.

Then, Mr. Comey may need to start looking over his shoulder.


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3 comments on “Yes, it’s Monday, and James Comey is Still Alive

  1. BigLeague NO (@ljcambria)
    November 7, 2016

    If they take this thing by illegal measures and we lose on the 8th we will win it on the 9th. Americans will NOT wait for her to be positioned in full Mao attire encircled with her cabal of perverts and child abusers. Anyone wondering what their menu plan will be for tomorrow night?

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