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Bill de Blasio’s Big Day


UPDATEFlynn, Pompeo, Sessions – You’re Hired!

My man Donald already has a lock on this president thing.

Media misinformation to the contrary, we should be impressed that Trump and his transition team have been holding closed-door meetings all week, and very little has been leaked that the team hasn’t authorized.

That is, until the guy who keeps his streets clean threw a press conference after NYC’s number one citizen graciously gave him the time of day.

Here’s a clip, just in case you are inclined to waste your coffee break watching mindless socialist drivel.

‘I raised my concerns about any repeal of the Dodd-Frank Bill and what it would do in terms of furthering the economic security of New Yorkers’… ?

Probably because take way Dodd-Frank and de Blasio would be the dumbest Bill in existence.

But Warren Wilhelm Jr, aka Bill de Blasio, surpassed stupid at the speed of light with one comment most of the MSM didn’t even mention last night or in this morning’s coverage.

“I will not tell you that Gucci and Tiffany are my central concerns in life.”

Which of course should have been virtually the mayor’s only concern in visiting the President-Elect.

Dumb because de Blasio was referring to the inconvenience to customers, pedestrians and traffic that routinely surrounds presidential security whenever a chief exec moves anywhere. Gucci and Tiffany both have stores in proximity to Trump Plaza, where the President-Elect and his transition team are holed up.

Does this @$$hat even realize that the most important thing on his curriculum vitae to date has been: Cleaned up horse $#!+ in Central Park?

Or that his party suffered a mind-numbing rejection on November 8 for exactly this kind of disconnect?

Take out New York, California and four or five other states, and Republicans not only won the White House, Senate and Congress, but they painted the entire map of the contiguous U.S. and Alaska as red as this guy’s Cuban honeymoon.

Say what you will about Barack Obama’s narcissism, and it must now be near clinical, but for just one day this progressive unthink tank was liberalism’s capo di tutti capi of clueless arrogance.

File Under: Democrates: Embrace the Stupid

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2 comments on “Bill de Blasio’s Big Day

  1. theebl
    November 17, 2016

    Making New York Great Again: Dumping Bill DeBlasio

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