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Huckabee Destroys Pelosi in One Tweet

pelosi-huckabeeMike Huckabee is probably least known for his great political instincts.

During the 2007 primaries Michelle Malkin called the former Arkansas governor’s attack on conservative talk icon Rush Limbaugh his “Howard Dean scream moment.” And that pretty much turned out to be the case.

But when House minority leader Nancy Pelosi went after a national treasure yesterday on Twitter, the head Little Rocker made up for a multitude of sins.

It all began when Pelosi tweeted:

And, as one might expect, the minority leader’s snide moment of  attempted character assassination created quite a backlash throughout the social media.

But Governor Huckabee’s response was arguably the best of all.

Normally I am not fond of conservatives stooping to Democrat lows and reaching for the race card. But it is hard to think of anyone who could better fit the bill than Pelosi, and doing it in defense of Dr. Carson makes it doubly enjoyable.

Nancy Pelosi is a disgusting race hustler of the lowest order, and she represents the kind of establishment corruption Americans voted to end with Donald Trump’s victory.

Way to go, Gov!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to see you with a new show on Fox, or anything.

But way to go for right now.

I’m outta here with…

Who else?


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