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Yuge: Is Trump Really Only 6’2”…?

looney_tunes_003With American liberals running out to stockpile food, water and guns for the coming Trumpocalypse, the mainstream press needs every diversion it can muster to distract you from truly nutty left wing hysteria.

But really, Politico?

Legal Insurrection:

Does Politico have ANY idea how stupid and frivolous this makes POLITICO appear?


Politico has a SCOOP.

Trump’s driver’s license casts doubt on height claims:

Donald Trump and his doctor claim he’s 6-foot-3, but his New York driver’s license says he’s actually an inch shorter.

A copy of Trump’s license, obtained by POLITICO through an open-records request, lists the president-elect at 6-foot-2.

It may just be an inch, but size apparently matters to Trump. A letter that the businessman candidate displayed this summer from his longtime gastroenterologist — while appearing on the Dr. Oz show — stated he was 6-foot-3, though media reports were quick to point out discrepancies.

Slate, for example, posited that Trump was adding an inch to his height to avoid crossing into obesity territory — he also weighed 236 pounds — on the BMI index. That Slate article pointed to multiple media that pegged Trump as 6-foot-2, including Google, though the search engine now has Trump at 6-foot-3.

A special edition of Time published earlier this year profiling Trump also listed him at 6-foot-3 while noting “it irritates him that so many media outlets say 6-foot-2.”

How did Politico get the license?

The license was released to POLITICO by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control through an open-records request related to the central Virginia winery that’s owned by Trump and run by his son Eric.

If only it had done such extensive investigation to obtain that secret tape of Obama with anti-Israel activists prior to the 2008 election.


Storm of Twitter outrage…

Read more here.

Next thing you know they’ll be calling upon Madonna’s spurned talents to bribe the Palm Beach city manager to shave square footage off Mar-a-Lago.

I’m outta here with Patsy…


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One comment on “Yuge: Is Trump Really Only 6’2”…?

  1. theebl
    December 28, 2016

    Say it’s not so Donald, say it’s not so!

    Trump Derangement Syndrome: Can we find a cure?

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