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Scribes Lament: ‘Trump Owns the Day’

5738-ron-burgandyThe mainstream media’s protests against Donald Trump have finally been reduced to whining, as the President-elect shows no sign of giving up his Twitter messaging.

Gateway Pundit notes

… With his revolutionary use of social media Trump has taken power away from the gatekeeper media to filter his communications to the public and others in power and they (the media) do not like it with at least one media executive predicting that Trump’s tweets will soon be ignored.

Eric Lipton with the New York Times started the press’ Twitter tantrum, writing, “Trump sets agenda every morning with exaggerated/false/destabilizing Tweets, and then we all write about them, letting him own the day. Why?”

Lipton’s Twitter bio reads, “Investigative reporter NYT, based in Washington. Helping cover President-elect Donald Trump-without fear or favor. Tweets detailing moves by Trump, other topics”

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel added his own complaint to Lipton’s, writing, “Tweet stenography is a cheaper and more reliable source of clicks than original reporting.”

The Times’ Maggie Haberman whined that Trump controlled the agenda all through the campaign with his Twitter account, “This. Was. The. Whole. Campaign.”

Of course they are right.

But what has Trump done that every fourth grade teacher in America hasn’t been onto for a decade? Little Johnny and Janie were tweeting test answers for two years before teachers got onto it.

So why should the media be at a loss to deal with Trump’s masterful use of social media?

Maybe because they were too busy colluding with Hillary Clinton and the DNC, or regurgitating unsourced fake stories to sell off to the public as legitimate news?

Do we even have to point out how lazy that is, without even adding ethically and morally repugnant?

But moving on …

One has to imagine that a President Trump will at some point become too busy to manage his own Twitter account.

So what then?

Maybe he calls in Baron after school to deal with Paul Krugman?

Will the Post and the Times lay off a few hundred six- and seven-figure reporters and editors and advertise for minimum-wage social media mavens?

Or maybe Donald Trump is just that good at multitasking, maybe he’ll continue to hold down his Twitter account and his work in the Oval Office…

Well, another problem for another day.

Meanwhile, we can almost see Inauguration Day from our back porch …

>>Chief Justice John Roberts ready to swear me in as 45th President while #IncompetentBarackObama looks on<<

>>I can see UNFAIR MEDIA who NEVER report the truth in front row<<

>>#swearingtheoath Placing my hand on Lincoln Bible so I can get right to work Making America Great Again for YOU the American people #MAGA<<


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