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Out: (still) Trump / (still) In: Obama?

gty_obama_cuba_trump2a_mm_160321_12x5_1600If we can believe what we are reading, the American people should call for a redo on our 2016 election.

No, I mean now.

Because the American people clearly do not want Donald Trump as their next president.

Google it, run it by Bing, check with Gallup and RCP, everywhere you look poll numbers defy the Electoral and even popular results (excluding CA) of the November election nationwide.

In a word, Donald Trump sucks in post Election polls.

CBS News:

Just 44 percent expressed approval of the president-elect, who has faced a number of controversies in the weeks following his Nov. 8 win. … In 2009, 83 percent of Americans approved of Mr. Obama in the days leading up to his inauguration. … In 2001, 61 percent said the same of George W. Bush, while Bill Clinton had a 68 percent approval rate in 1993. …

USA Today:

New poll has Trump approval rating at 37%, Obama at 55% …

The Hill:

Poll: Trump enters office with historically low approval rating …

But just one a question …

And anyone who followed presidential polling leading up to Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016, should also be wondering, how the same people who gave us this

screen-shot-2017-01-14-at-8-25-41-amCan be trusted with making change for a dollar …

Much less the confidence of a nation.


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