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Cuban Actress Maria Conchita Alonso Has Lived in an Oppressive Society



Most recently, San Francisco.

CBS via Drudge:

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A famed actress is facing backlash in San Francisco’s Latino community, after she voiced support for a conservative candidate for California governor.

Maria Conchita Alonso starred in a campaign ad for Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of San Bernardino County, a Tea Party favorite who is seeking the Republican nomination.

“Politicians and big government are killing our prosperity, pushing welfare costs through the roof and driving our schools into the ground,” Donnelly said in the ad.

Standing next to Donnelly, Alonso jokingly translated in Spanish, “We’re screwed.”

The actress was to perform next month at the Brava Theater Center in San Francisco’s Mission District in a Spanish-language version of “The Vagina Monologues,” scheduled for a run from February 14th through 17th. The show is being produced by none other than Eliana Lopez, wife of San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

“We really cannot have her in the show, unfortunately,” Lopez told KPIX 5. She said Alonso abruptly resigned from the cast on Friday, given the backlash on the immigration issue.

“Of course she has the right to say whatever she wants. But we’re in the middle of the Mission. Doing what she is doing is against what we believe,” Lopez said…. [more]

Which is, of course, to rule by oppression and blacklisting and making sure you sign up with the “Cause” or we will starve you out of our community of freedom-loving, largely undocumented, second-language-speaking citizens of the world.

Because this is “the Mission,” Miss Alonso, and you bring shame on us by not thinking… um, right about things.

Distrito de la Misión Bravo!

UPDATE: Our apologies to Miss Alonso for getting the original photo wrong. And thank you to Mr. G. and JP. Hey, Getty Images we ain’t.

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19 comments on “Cuban Actress Maria Conchita Alonso Has Lived in an Oppressive Society

  1. thatmrgguy
    January 18, 2014

    That doesn’t look like the same woman in the previous commercial…and acting in the “VeeJay” Monologues…Seriously?

  2. The MAD Jewess
    January 18, 2014

    What BS. She is not allowed to have her own mind.

  3. JP
    January 18, 2014

    That photo is absolutely not Maria Conchita Alonso. This is an early pic:

  4. JP
    January 18, 2014

    That is Maria Grazia Cucinotta from the Bond flick, The World Is Not Enough. And shame on you for getting it from a nude celeb site! What are you, a straight white male or something? 🙂

    • Regular Right Guy
      January 18, 2014

      Yeah, guilty as charged. The RG totally blew it on this one by pulling the first thing we saw on the Bing images array. Twitter shame as well. So molded!

      • thatmrgguy
        January 18, 2014

        Aw hell, we all make mistakes. And the other gal was pretty close, if we were playing horseshoes. 😉

      • Regular Right Guy
        January 18, 2014

        Unfortunately RG must have been playing hand-grenades. Lol.

    • thatmrgguy
      January 18, 2014

      W..what, there’s nude pics?

      • Regular Right Guy
        January 18, 2014

        Not since Mom found the Hustler under the mattress. You know?

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  8. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)
    January 18, 2014
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