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Muslims Murdered in NC: Sarah Palin Has Alibi

chapelhillshooting_suspectOn the tragic murders of three Muslims in North Carolina this morning, the media parade is already giving us the queen’s wave from the Islamophony float.

Where were you, Tea Party patriots? Have an alibi ready; this happens every time a deranged liberal slaughters innocent people.

FOP* Barack Obama will probably have a word to say about it sometime today, lest anyone not jump to the conclusion that this was an anti-Muslim hate crime…

Or not.

USA Today:

The mayor of Chapel Hill, N.C., said Wednesday that the college town has been “rocked” by the shooting deaths of three Muslim students that the father of two of the victims calls a “hate crime.”

The fatal shootings have sparked condemnation from a national Muslim civil liberties group and triggered a Twitter uproar over allegations of anti-Muslim bias.

The victims, all shot in the head, were identified about 2 a.m. Wednesday as Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, and his wife, Yusor Mohammad, 21, of Chapel Hill, and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, of Raleigh, police said….

Local politicians and police moved quickly to try to reassure the public after some family members charged that anti-Muslim feelings were behind the killing and Nihad Awad, national executive director of the Council of American Islamic Relations, called on authorities to determine as quickly as possible whether religion was a factor in the killings.

What we can unequivocally conclude from this is that 1-in-12 hysterical allegations of Islamophobia may be true. Although the first indication that anti-Muslim hatred is involved whenever these events occur is always when a homegrown terrorist front organization makes the allegation, and a New York Times reporter transcribes it and slaps his byline on it.

They may be right this time, but we don’t know whether the alleged killer was specifically motivated by hatred for Muslims; he may just hate the smell of leftover falafel first thing in the morning.

What We Do Know So Far: Craig Hicks is progressive, jobless, unattractive, and has a FaceBook page where he spouts his wacko liberal views. Wow! Same as Clay Aiken.

Oh, and he’s an anti-theist.

Stay tuned to MSNBC: They’ll be using up precious bandwidth on this one for the foreseeable future. I notice Rachel Maddow seems to have already beaten out her liberal friends in scrubbing her “Like” from the guy’s FB page.

Thanks to Jim Treacher, who is always right on top of the Islamophobia pandemic that is America.



*Friend of the Prophet



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