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#Ferguson Cops Ambushed – Al Wasn’t There…

WPIX-vid438769-in0-out3047-0154cad3-53446267-LargeImageTry blaming this one on Al Sharpton, tea party nutbags. He was back in New York, organizing a fire sale.


FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Two officers were shot in front of the Ferguson Police Department early Thursday while demonstrators were gathered across the street — an attack the county police chief described as “an ambush” that could easily have killed both men.

The shots were fired just as a small crowd of protesters began to break up after holding a demonstration in the wake of the resignation of the Ferguson police chief, who stepped down Wednesday.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said one officer was shot in the face, just below his right eye, with the bullet lodging behind his ear. The other officer was hit in the shoulder, and the bullet came out his back.

Both men were expected to recover without suffering any long-term damage, Belmar said, but the wounds might have been mortal. [more]

I think Sharpton’s work in Ferguson is finished, don’t you?

In less than a year, he and the Obama administration incited several riots, railroaded a good cop out of his job, completely dismantled a city government, and got two other cops shot. Now he can get on with committing tax fraud unabated, finding Jews that need killing and corporations to extort.




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