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Muslim Radical Identified in Garland Shooting

elton-simpsonUPDATED – A man the FBI previously linked to an extremist Muslim sect has been identified as one of the shooters who attempted to attack a “Draw the Prophet” event in Garland, Texas last night.

The event was hosted by patriot Pamela Geller, purveyor of the conservative Atlas Shrugs website and founder of the American Freedom Defense Initiative. One security guard was wounded before a Garland police officer brought the plot to an end.


Elton Simpson has been identified as one of the Garland, Texas shooting suspects. The Arizona native was reportedly the target of a terror investigation by the FBI in the past. No bombs were found at the scene of the shooting at the free speech Muhammad cartoon contest event.

The Garland, Texas shooting suspect allegedly posted multiple tweet before the attack on Sunday. Elton Simpson allegedly even used the hashtag, #TexasAttack less than an hour before the shooting took place at the free speech event.

If your first question is, What was this guy, an identified supporter of al Shabaab, doing walking around with automatic weapons… ? After the FBI already had him on their watch list? Well, shut up wingnut.

He was walking around for the same reason countless child molesters and rapists who have been through our court system are walking around. Someone in our justice system thought he deserved a second chance, instead of recognizing him as the irredeemable sociopathic human trash he was all along.

But of course the MSM, liberal pundits and academics are out this morning making certain that the person who was really responsible for this attempt to silence free speech is held to account: Pamela Geller, the courageous conservative firebrand who staged the event.

Columbia professor and Vulcan mind control practitioner Marc Lamont Hill:

New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi:

Ah-hem. Because Free Speech is NOT an “aside,” it is a fundamental, God given right?

Just a guess, but that’s probably it.

Example: Sort of like the way we hated it when practically the entire left wing media supported the homofascists hate mobs that tried to run Memories Pizza out of business for their religious beliefs.

Speech like that.

Free speech is under assault in America. Ms. Geller and her guest, Dutch anti-Islamist Geert Wilders, risked their lives for our First Amendment rights last night. They warned everyone in advance that drawing Mohammed was risky.

And it was.

We commend them for their courage and commitment.


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