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Fiorina Out of NH Debate

AP_801347982714-640x480UPDATED – The great Andrew Breitbart called it the Democrat-Media Complex and, in context, his point was well taken. There is no question that the media is overwhelmingly stacked against Republicans.

But I have always thought of the relationship between U.S. media outlets and politics in general, as the political-media complex.

Yes, the media hates Republicans but it certainly hates some more than others. And for its part, when the RNC leadership has a particularly ugly piece of oppo research on, say, Ted Cruz, where do you think they go with it?

Well, once again a network is playing the GOP candidates like marionettes, the RNC is standing by and letting it happen, and one candidate is getting vocal about it.

In a larger interview in which she discusses Hillary Clinton’s crimes, GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina levels stinging charges against her own party’s leadership and their media debate partners.

Mike Flynn, Breitbart:

… Fiorina, however, also turned her fire on the news media and officials with the Republican National Committee for excluding her from the upcoming Republican debate on Saturday. The RNC and debate host ABC recently announced Fiorina would not participate in the debate, even though the field of candidates has been reduced in 8 following the Iowa caucuses.

“The fact that I’m not on that debate stage is proof positive that the game is rigged,” Fiorina said. “The game is rigged.”

Firiona [sic] observed that, early in the campaign, RNC officials said they had to use polls as a benchmark because of the number of candidates.

Fiorina noted that, with the Iowa caucus behind us, there have now been actual votes in the nominating contest. 

“We had a real vote in Iowa,” Fiorina said. “And I beat a couple of the people on that debate stage. And I have delegates. The last time I looked [an] election was supposed to matter.”

In the Iowa caucus on Monday, Fiorina finished ahead of both New Jersery Gov. Chris Christie and Ohio Governor John Kasich. Both Christie and Kasich have been invited to participate in the Republican debate on Saturday. Fiorina has not been invited. 

Firiona said Republican officials can’t justify not including her in the debate, but they are sticking to their decision. It shows, Fiorina said, how much the game is rigged. 

“This isn’t just about me on the debate stage. Its about the voters of this nation,” Fiorina said. “In particular its about the voters of Iowa who’ve basically been told your vote doesn’t count.”… [Read the whole thang]

Regardless of your opinion of Mrs. Fiorina we are still early in this process, and she did finish over both Kasich and Christie in the popular vote, and over Christie in electoral delegates. Fiorina and Kasich each gleaned one delegate in the caucus; Chris Christie received none.

And if Iowa shows us nothing else, it shows just how wrong those much-touted polls can be.

Do we really want ABC News and a few Washington fat cats deciding whom we get to see and hear?

Isn’t that, at least in part, what we have been so angry about since 2010, and particularly in the wake of 2014?

Hey, it’s just a question.

It can’t hurt to ask.

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