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Romney Cabal Behind Trump Tape?



Straight up.

Was Mitt Romney, possibly along with the Bush family and other GOP elites, behind the release of the eleven-year-old audiotape that has set the Trump campaign back on its heels?

Frankly, the release of this scathing eleventh hour attack on the Party nominee just has too many coincidences to believe otherwise.

So says the Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr. to Fox Business Channel’s Lou Dobbs:

Next Gateway Pundit brings in an interview with Trump supporter Jack Posobiec:

This interview will blow your mind–

Special Projects Director of Citizens4Trump  Jack Posobiec was interviewed by YourVoice™ Radio co-host Cari Kelemen on Tuesday.

Jack explained in detail EXACTLY what went down with the infamous Trump audio and how it was all just a coup attempt by GOP elites.

And Conservative Tree House adds their two cents:

Here’s my own take on it.  First, it’s not a surprise the GOPe is attempting to take down Donald Trump.  Factually, if you go back to the 2015 outline of the election road-map we stated early on if Trump won the nomination the GOPe would continue working to remove him at all costs.

Specifically here’s what we said in September 2015 about the inevitability of Deeonald Trump and what the GOPe (UniParty) would do:

[…] REGARDLESS of the Biden/Clinton/Sanders battle – the GOPe onslaught against Trump will continue, unrelenting, all the way through the primary.

Why?  Simple answer – go back to the decision-makers; regardless of Biden or Clinton, Trump’s removal is vital.  They will plan for the primary race attacks on Trump to soften him up for destruction in the general election race against Biden or Hillary.

Remember, Wall Street’s goal is Jeb.  Remove Jeb and their goal is to destroy the replacement and get the other side of the coin (Biden/Clinton) into the White House.

These power interests must retain control at all costs.  This fundamental aspect is why the attacks, from both sides, on Donald Trump will continue from now through the general election in November of 2016.

Okay, so far this is coming from only a few sources, all deeply committed to the Trump campaign.

So why am I not having any trouble believing it?

Are you kidding?

Billy Bush suddenly pops up out of nowhere with a tape he’s had laying in the closet for eleven years* and says to himself, Gee, now’s a perfect time to burn down my career by exposing myself as a jerk who yucks it up at misogynistic locker-room banter?

And then someone – dang! who would do this? – leaks the story to WaPo before NBC can decide whether or not they should use it?

Because, after all, NBC wouldn’t want to do anything that would precipitously sway the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

Am I just being cynical here?

No, not really.


*Now it turns out NBC knew about the tape for years and were attempting to edit Bush out before releasing it, but apparently Paul Ryan’s gopher beat them to it.


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