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Newt Smacks Down Megyn, but Good!

megyn-kelly-newt-gingrich-fox-20161025-600If you are among the dwindling number of conservatives who still watch Megyn Kelly’s nightly audition for Brian Williams’ old job, you already know the woman is so deep in the tank for Hillary that her toes are pruning.

But Newt came along last night to do what Newt does best, and it was primetime Newt.

Let’s just take the Twitter link from the WaPo article Drudge used, to begin with…

I know, huh? Who knew Fox could field an anchor that almost makes Rachel Maddow seem fair and balanced.

Newt’s best points:

Newt: Let me point out something to you: The three major networks spent 23 minutes attacking Donald Trump … You don’t think that is a scale of bias worthy of Pravda?

Newt: And Hillary Clinton had a secret speech in Brazil to a bank that pays her $225,000 saying that her dream is an open border where 600 million people could come to America, that is not worth covering?

Newt: Do you want me to go back to the tapes of your show recently?

Newt: You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy.

Kelly: I’m not taking a position on it.

Newt: Yes you are. When you used the words [sexual predator], you took a position. It is very unfair of you to do that, Megyn.

Actually there is some fairly good evidence to substanciate Newt’s charge that Kelly is overly fascinated with sex. See stories here, here and here.

You can see the complete interview here if you think that is a good use of your time, or you can just surf on over to Media Matters and watch the guys do Megyn in drag.

But congratulations to Newt! He was the RG’s choice for Trump’s veep, but the campaign is obviously putting his talents to good use.

Someone had to do it, and nobody does it better than the Speaker.


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3 comments on “Newt Smacks Down Megyn, but Good!

  1. Cedar
    October 27, 2016

    I love Newt!

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