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Like that Time Bill Pardoned Marc Rich?

marc_richIt was almost like, You want documents, Hillary?

Document this!

You really have to wonder if it wasn’t a shot across Hillary Clinton’s size 16 Armani bow yesterday.


FBI Releases Docs from 2001 Rich Investigation Days Before Election

Washington (CNN) The FBI on Tuesday — one week from Election Day — released heavily redacted files from its 2001 investigation of President Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich.

The release — issued by an automated FBI Twitter account — quickly drew complaints from Democrats who have assailed FBI Director James Comey for his decision last week to tell Congress the bureau was reviewing emails potentially related to Hillary Clinton’s private server. The bureau has been accused by some of meddling in the final days of a hard-fought election.

The FBI’s tweet led some to conclude the documents were related to the Clintons’ charitable foundation, but the tweet was referring to Bill Clinton’s presidential library, which is governed by the William J. Clinton Foundation.

The release was posted on Twitter by @FBIRecordsVault, an account that posts material from FOIA requests on subjects of public interest.

For you youngsters who may not be familiar: Bill Clinton’s pardon of fugitive billionaire traitor Marc Rich is widely considered to be one of the most blatant pay-to-play schemes in history. Former President Jimmy Carter called it bribery.

Hey, if it was automated, it was automated, but you gotta love the Bureau personnel who keep the machinery oiled.

Of course the Clinton News Network immediately went into full Democrat I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I mode, noting …

The account has recently released documents related to Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump … It’s not clear that the eight pages of documents about Fred Trump were related to accusations of housing discrimination referenced by Fallon.

So shut up!

File Under: Billary

HT/Truth Revolt [Image]



VIA M.I.T. AND WIKILEAKS, the Clinton Influence Explorer. Lets you spot the connections between Hillary intimates as revealed in Wikileaks emails.

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