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Berkley Prof Led Milo Riot

milo-yiannanopolis-image-by-dan-taylor-danheisenbergmedia_com-26Google hits this morning are exposing gay right wing libertarian Milo Yiannopoulos for staging the Berkley riot and sabotaging his own speech there, in order to gain publicity.

Others are at least blaming the firebrand for some culpability in the brannigan, and even RINO conservative pundit Jonah Goldberg is trying to lay responsibly for the whole thing at Milo’s feet.

And, of course, all of it a lie.

This is from a guy at something called The Ralph Retort, but it appears to be an accurate story.

The Ralph Retort:

A UC Berkeley Rioter Has Been Exposed, & He’s a University Staff Member!

File this under the “Things I’m Not Shocked to See” category. As it turns out, one of the “antifa” attackers from the Milo Yiannpoulos event in California the other night has been identified. Not only that, he draws a paycheck from the UC Berkeley administration. Shocking, I know. Well, at least one thing is surprising: that he’s this f––ing stupid.

If you’re going to brag about your assault activities, it’s best not to use online accounts that can be traced back to your real name and occupation. I would have thought they taught stuff like this in antifa commie class.

Then Ralph goes on to link up the Twitter investigation of this professor’s activities during the riot, which first, remarkably, seems to have come to light through a tweep in Europe.






































Meanwhile, Berkley professor and lifelong Hillary Clinton bud, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, has been circulating the #FAKENEWS howler that Milo Yiannopoulos was behind the riot.

Face/Palm Fail, shorty!

You can find the blog here, but it is clear that these fascists are not batting from the Right.

While Donald Trump is causing the Left to drool their pablum in DC and making John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s heads explode, maybe he can get his new DoJ to investigate, expose and prosecute the handful of financiers who are behind this whole seditious movement from state to state.

What would be greater is to see President Trump – live with it – declare martial law in California and have Jerry Brown, Janet Napolitano and the rest of the culprits in this clown car placed before a firing squad.

Yeah, probably a little too ambitious.


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3 comments on “Berkley Prof Led Milo Riot

  1. theebl
    February 7, 2017

    I hate Berkeley Brownshirts and NYU Nazis

  2. Regular Right Guy
    February 9, 2017

    Thanks EBL !!!

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