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Jim Treacher Leaves Daily Caller


Are you listening, Townhall?

Michelle Malkin?

Washington Times?


Sean Medlock, better known to thousands of conservative blogoshere fans as Jim Treacher, has posted his last blog at the Daily Caller. Without a lot of fanfare, one might add.

Looks like this is it. I’ve been blogging here at the Daily Caller since the site launched, all the way back on January 11, 2010. But now it’s time for me to go. Daily blogging can be a fun job, but it can also be a grind. Living on the Internet 24/7 has turned out to be kind of a bad idea. It seems to have driven everyone utterly insane. Everyone except me, of course! But spending every waking moment online, for years at a time, has taken its toll on me. Wading nostril-deep through the endless hostility and madness and dishonesty, being expected to have an instant “take” on every single thing that happens, every minute of every day, is exhausting. 
I’m tired. Aren’t you tired?

Well yes, but I never tired of the hilarious mockery and razor sharp wit this blogger used in deftly turning the lefties own arguments against them.

Over these seven years Medlock gave us “Treacherspeak,” an irreverent way of writing with which a simple title (“PETA: Cheese Is Rape Or Something”) could sum up everything from the left’s Keystone Pipeline agenda (“So: Obama was forced by Republicans to do the thing for which he’s being criticized. Which he didn’t actually do. It’s not his fault because they made him do it, and by the way, he didn’t do it. Bart Simpson would be proud.”) to Barack Obama’s “Endless Summer” in office.

Then there was:

#NotAllMuslims Murder 14 People In Barcelona, Get Shot By Cops

#NotAllMuslims Run Through Hamburg Supermarket Stabbing People And Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’

#NotAllMuslims Attack British Parliament

One simple hashtag that brutally castrated the left’s ridiculous penchant for Islamophobia phobia

Using these simple posts Medlock pointed out that while indeed all Muslims may not support the worldwide jihad, plenty do, and perhaps the only way to sort them is when one is looking down the barrel of an AK-47.

In the end, Medlock succumbed to pressure by The DC to increase his traffic… or else. And as a result the quality of his output suffered.

“At the beginning of the year I was told to go from three posts a day to five (I did), on the theory that it would boost my traffic (it didn’t). I just don’t know how else to get more clicks. Recently I was given a month to do so, but I can’t crank out even more posts in a day, day after day, without sacrificing the minimal level of quality my readers expect.”

No question Medlock hurt himself by coming out against Trump and continuing his vitriol after the billionaire captured the nomination.

Even after the primaries the blogger only grudgingly accepted Trump, still openly criticizing him during the critical election cycle, and his daily traffic hemorrhaged.

It hurt to watch.

But hey, almost everyone was caught up in the insanity that was Election 2017, and you’d be hard pressed to find a single blog in which Medlock was anything but honest.

And the Daily Caller would have done well to stand by him and help him through his slump.

So, while it’s so long for now, I cannot conceive of a conservative blogosphere without Jim Treacher. Surely someone out there is fielding offers.

Katie Pavlich, give him a call.





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