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Love, Valerie: Smooches All Around for MSNBC Staff

Impact of the FinancialSpecial Session: The New US AgeWanna see what happened when America’s favorite lapsed Muslim / lapsed Chicago slumlord / US co-president hit MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning?

Well here it is anyway.

Weekly Standard:

President Barack Obama’s top adviser, Valerie Jarrett, went around the table and kissed reporters before an interview this morning on MNSBC’s [sic] Morning Joe. The moment was briefly captured on live television before the network cut away to a commercial break. 

Watch here:

Jarrett’s first step is toward the BBC’s Katty Kay. “Hi, there,” Jarrett’s heard whispering as she leans in for a hug and kiss. Kay is “Anchor for BBC World News America in Washington.”

Then the senior White House adviser just as warmly greets Cokie Roberts, a National Public Radio contributor.

As the segment heads toward a commercial break, host Joe Scarborough can be heard saying, “Valerie, come give me a hug.”

Like most things the Obama administration does, Chief of Stuff Valerie’s timing was a little off. Everyone got the hugs and warm greeting except Mika Brzezinski (meow), including super RINO Joe Scarborough, but they cut before she got to NBC’s Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd.

So we’ll never know (heh heh).

Do you think this kind of fraternization with the White House staff influences the way MSNBC and the rest of Washington’s media elite cover the administration?



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    April 15, 2015

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