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President John Kasich, Because Shut Up…

GOP 2016 New HampshireYes, old Whatshisname on the end intends to be your president, regardless of what you think about it.

USA Today:

WASHINGTON — After another embarrassing primary loss and growing ridicule from fellow Republicans, John Kasich’s top campaign advisers told a group of Washington lobbyists and donors Wednesday the Ohio governor still could snag the GOP nomination at a contested convention in July.

Bob Rusbuldt, an insurance industry lobbyist and major Kasich supporter, said the message of the closed-door meeting was twofold: first, no candidate will go into the Republican National Convention in July with a majority of the delegates; and second, “anything can happen” at a contested convention…

But another attendee, former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., said the room was filled with Kasich devotees. “This is a group that (is) … on board,” he said. …

Kasich has argued if no one clinches the nomination in the first round of voting, delegates will flock to his candidacy because he is the strongest Republican candidate in a general election. But neither Kasich nor his aides have provided any real details yet of how they would execute such a strategy, which many Republicans have derided as unrealistic…

“We think he’s gonna win it,” said Lott. He speculated Kasich would close out the primary season with 500 delegates or more, and he would sway convention attendees to his camp with his “positive” message… [read the whole thing]

That’s right, this loser and his fat cat political cronies and big money donors don’t give a damn about the will of the people. They intend to take the nomination by fiat on the convention floor by pressuring state delegates to desert their mandates and vote company.

But you knew this.

And as Reince Priebus has made very clear, we the voters will shut up and like it.

Full Caf Americano

These guys represent everything I hate about the Republican Party. Essentially what they are saying is that Hillary Clinton is preferable to the will of the base of their party.

We the People.

Because whether Trump or Cruz can win against the Democrats in November, they cannot. Not without our support. And they know it.

Pay very close attention, Trumpers and Cruzers.

We are in this together against an Establishment run amok, and at some point conservatives and the Republican base – Trump supporters and Cruz supporters – must come together and unite to defeat them.

Our survival as a republic literally depends on it.

Or just call me naive…


HT/ SooperMexican [Video]


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