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The RG Boycotts Kellogg’s


dumpkelloggs-1In my early years as a blogger the great Andrew Breitbart was very good to me. We didn’t know each other, you understand, I just linked a lot of Big Government and Big Journalism stories, and he just sort of put up with my pingbacks over there.

But he did link me twice, and my page-views skyrocketed from something like 45-a-day to 6,000 reads overnight! No one was that kind to me again until a couple of years later, when Robert Stacy McCain — himself a recent target of left wing speech Nazis — linked me.

Last week cereal giant Kellogg’s pulled its advertizing from, and for a very stupid, if not downright sinister, reason.

Kellogg’s board has joined the bogus Team Hillary-, DNC-orchestrated crusade to brand Breitbart and its former chairman and chief Trump strategist Steve Bannon, as “racist, sexist and anti-Semitic.”

Or, as CNN would put it: “alt-right.”

Of course, there really is no alt-right, not in the sense that the Democrats and their left wing media shills have used the term. But even if there were, Breitbart under Bannon, or even before under Andrew Breitbart himself, has never been on the right-wing fringe of the GOP.

Contrarily, although Breitbart has certainly been critical of establishment Republican elitism over the years, it has by-and-large been accepted by the GOP as an orthodox publication within its base. I think of it as a sort of without the doughy pompous suckups.

In fact, before Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death he led the campaign at CPAC to formally bring gay Republicans into the fold, a position yours truly did not support.

More recently, under Steve Bannon the site brought in gay libertarian editor Milos Yiannopoulos.

Hardly the behavior of your fag-bashing homophobes.

Even before all of this, Bannon has been a longtime supporter of Israel; there is not a thread of evidence to suggest he or the site are anti-Semitic. Nor is their any indication that he or Breitbart are sexist. Unless, of course, showing just how stupid Lena Dunham is in her own words is misogyny.

Certainly Breitbart has continued to defend its positions against cultural Marxism and third-wave feminism since Andrew’s death, which is blatant freedom of expression, but what are you gonna do?

So what does all of this say about Kellogg’s decision? Well, it says that Kellogg’s board has bought into the completely spurious DNC smear of Which makes them either incompetent, or worse, part of the Left’s conspiracy to silence any  and all speech with which it does not agree.

Wait! We haven’t found any absolute proof that Bannon doesn’t hate African Americans, yet.

We’ll have to get back to you on that one.

So just what has Breitbart done to deserve this widespread blacklisting by advertisers?

Well, it has been conservative.

Just like you and me.

Full Caf Americano

And now it is time that conservatives show Kellogg’s that conservatives eat cereal — Post cereal, General Mills cereal, anything but Kellogg’s cereal and its other breakfast products.

I probably will never use another Kellogg’s product again, but I definitely won’t as long as the company continues to align itself with the Democratic Party’s campaign against our Freedom of Speech.

Which is exactly what this baseless, media-crutched attack has been all along.

So Kellogg’s, I have L’Eggo your Eggo’s.

I am joining with in boycotting all Kellogg’s products.

Please join me and show your support by retweeting and reposting this piece on FaceBook.

And be sure to go to and sign their boycott petition.

Buh-bye Eggo’s!


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