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Person of the Year: ‘For Better or Worse’?

donald-trump-people-person-of-the-yearUPDATED – It has been fascinating to watch the media-entertainment complex reaction to the Donald Trump they told us for two years would and could never happen.

Still from many in the so-called mainstream — these dainties so unaligned with the population that some are dealing with the election like an unexpected death in the family — we are hearing days on end of blather about banana republics and fascist dictators. (And let’s not forget that it was the left wing MSM that established the concrete rule that no one ever in all of human history after 1945 may be compared to Adolf Hitler)

And all very funny when you look back on the eight years of one-party, one-branch rule under Barack Obama.

This is what I call the Brian Stelter crowd, and their honey bagles must be having a hell of a time getting them up for work in the morning.

Still others have come into grudging acceptance, and are now in the explanation and projection stage.


Of course Donald Trump is not the “President of the Divided States of America,” at all.

He handily won the states.

In fact, the 2% in Keith Olbermann’s tinfoil hat brigade are the only Americans who don’t understand how overwhelmingly Trump won.

“For better or worse,” as Time points out… (if you own a duplex in the Uppers).

Look, Time would have rather picked the tyrant Yidyip Erdogan (Yes, he was on the shortlist) as their PotY than President-Elect Trump, but unfortunately history got in the way. Hillary Clinton was also in the running, presumably for mangling two obscenely over-financed campaigns in a row.

So run on out Friday and get your copy, if you think Time still actually has any relevance whatsoever in a twenty-first century world.

Now for a 30 second retrospective of a Time that Time would like for us to remember. One where they pretend there was no 1938 Hitler cover

… which was the first time Time used the modifier, “For better or worse,” by the way.

1101590126_400PS – And here’s “for better or worse,” 1958 commie style.


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