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That Birth Certificate? Still Fake…


UPDATED – After an exhaustive five year forensic investigation, Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s international team of experts astoundingly still maintains that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent.

Like just about everything else concerning Barack.


A years-long forensics investigation into the computer image of the long-form Hawaiian birth certificate image that Barack Obama released during a White House news conference during his first term and presented to the American people as an official government document concluded it is “fake.”

The probe also confirms that those who were subjected to the derogatory “birther” label from many media outlets and Democrats were right – at least regarding the document used to establish Obama’s eligibility to be president.

The issue is that the U.S. Constitution requires the president to be a “natural-born citizen” but does not define the term. Scholarly works cited by the Founders defined it as a citizen at birth, born in the country to two citizens of the country, or merely the offspring of two citizens of the country.

The birth certificate Obama displayed on the White House website as “proof positive” of his eligibility states he was born in Hawaii to an American mother and a Kenyan father. [read it all]

Here is the hour-long video if you wish to view it, but it is available all over the Internet.

Okay, with Barack Obama now just mere days from leaving office, why does this matter?

First, it has been my opinion from the beginning that Barack H. Obama’s place of birth is irrelevant. Especially after the 2008 election, but it may have been all along anyway.

I know that this is a Constitutional gray area, but even if it were found that his birth skirted citizenship laws, it is unlikely that any court in the land would disqualify the guy based on his place of birth to an American parent.

And the first black president, at that.

We would all like to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the law meant exactly as it says, but the truth is even the Supreme Court probably would not invalidate Obama’s citizenship status. Hey guys, they just created gay marriage as a Constitutional right out of whole cloth.

So our prevaricator in chief is probably a natural-born citizen of the United States under our laws.

But the reason all of this should outrage Americans – and, yes, I do believe Arpaio’s findings – is that Barack Obama has lied to us. And what really smarts is that he has contradicted himself verbally and in print on multiple occasions, and his media acolytes have run interference for him.

For whatever reason but more than likely because he could not produce a valid U.S. birth certificate, when it became an issue, Barack Obama went out to forge one. Originally, the little crappy thing he presented at school and to get his first license probably worked fine, but boy do things change when you become president. Wait, no they don’t.

Anyway, this all probably began sometime during Obama’s childhood years and carried on through college, where he very skillfully played both sides. At Columbia and Harvard he could be the peregrine bon vivant when it was socially advantageous, and a straight up U.S. citizen whenever legalities became an issue. (Note: Things like making up your family history in a fictionalized account of your life didn’t count, which is why we even found out about all of this.)

How Obama’s family accomplished this I don’t pretend to have a clue, other than to say his mother was a clever little commie who knew the advantages of being born in the country she and her parents raised little Barry to hate.

But forging a birth certificate and using it in the filing of federal documents is a felony, and the American people deserve better.

Or maybe we don’t.

If Barack Obama and his inner-circle of thugs and liars are allowed to get away with this, then perhaps we do deserve to be deceived by our political class.

Because the truth will no longer matter.

The authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate matters because the truth matters.

Or should.


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