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Donald Trump Is Crazy, Says The Guy Who Accused Sarah Palin Of Faking Her Pregnancy

andrew-sullivanBut gay Republican poser Andrew Sullivan knows way more about crazy than he does making babies.

No one could quite do justice to this bit of liberal insanity by the “Catholic” “conservative” fake better than the kind of all bloggers, Jim Treacher.

The Daily Caller:

You may know Andrew Sullivan from his pointless cameo in Batman v Superman: Marvel Is Better. But before that, Sullivan had a much more important job: Exposing Sarah Palin’s fake pregnancy. Sullivan led the charge during the 2008 presidential campaign in calling out Palin for her mock-maternity, which was obvious to anyone who was paying attention and was named Andrew Sullivan. To this day, Sullivan maintains that Palin only pretended to be pregnant with her alleged son Trig, for reasons he has never made clear.

Now Sullivan’s keen clinical eye has found a new target. Here he is explaining to CNN’s Brian Stelter why Donald Trump is insane and Andrew Sullivan isn’t:

Now Sullivan’s keen clinical eye has found a new target. Here he is explaining to CNN’s Brian Stelter why Donald Trump is insane and Andrew Sullivan isn’t:



And now that I’m thinking about it… Do we really know who Barron Trump’s real parents are? Can anybody prove that Melania didn’t fake her pregnancy, as women are known to do? Could this child be part of Trump’s nefarious long-term plot to get elected? [read it all here]

I’m convinced these fantasy conservatives are paying rent in Andrew’s head…

Oh to be a fly on Andy’s confessional wall …

Bless me Father, for I have sinned.

Since my last confession I’ve been fanaticizing about hot, steamy Iditarod with Todd Palin … He’s slapping my bottom and yelling, “Who’s baby Trig’s mama now, Punk? Who’s baby Trig’s mama now?

Okay, I’m going to give myself an imaginary slap on that one.


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