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Jeb: The GOP’s ‘Adult’?

Key Speakers At The Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Annual Meeting


Does it seem strange to anyone besides me that Jeb Bush would go to one of the country’s most entrenched strongholds of liberalism to preview his “adult conversations” with Republicans?

I don’t know, he does have that whole Vincent D’Onofrio head-tilt thing going for him, but San Francisco seems to me an odd place for a Republican to reach out to Republicans, much less the party’s conservative base.


SAN FRANCISCO — Jeb Bush previewed the ideas at the heart of his likely presidential campaign, delivering a sweeping address here Friday about the economy, foreign affairs and energy exploration, and challenging the country to question “every aspect of how government works.”

In his first major speech since stepping into the 2016 presidential sweepstakes in December, the Republican former Florida governor spoke confidently and in significant detail about the broad range of issues beginning to shape the campaign for the White House. Bush signaled he would offer the country the “adult conversations” he said are lacking in Washington and would focus on people who have been left out of the economic revival…

Meaning, everyone but the people he’s been hanging out with all of his life?

Bush was sharply critical of Washington — not only of President Obama but also of the Republican-controlled Congress — saying there were too many “academic and political hacks” with “hard-core ideology” who are running the country without making progress.

“They’re basically Maytag repairmen,” he said. “Nothing gets done.” Bush added, “It is time to challenge every aspect of how government works — how it taxes, how it regulates, how it spends — to open up economic opportunity for all.”

Let me get this straight: Jeb Bush, son of the guy who called Reagan’s ideas, “voodoo economics,” is going to fix the way Washington taxes, regulates and spends?

I know the semantics of the elder Bush’s statement have been debated for years, but the Bushes are big government Republicans, through and through.

Look, I think the Bushes are basically good and decent people, but the Force to destroy the big government Death Star?

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    January 24, 2015

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

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